10 Empowering Bible Verses for Women || Celebrating International Women's Day

Eyin temi,

Happy International Women's Day. To celebrate women's day, I want to share with you 10 bible verses I believe will empower you, remind you that you're beautiful, loved, can do anything you set your mind to and accomplish great results.

Hair Care Tips for Hot Weather

Eyin temi,

This is one of the times where I feel uncomfortable with my hair. Dry and itchy scalp, patting my hair several times to find relief from the itch even though what I really want to do is turn my fingernails into Wolverine's metal claws and scratch that itch until I feel better, sweating and general discomfort.

Single on Valentine's Day

I want to get married and be someone's Valentine. It is a thought that comes to mind when I think of Valentine's Day and February as the month of love.


Eyin temi,

Today's post is a skincare video. I visited the Sage and Skin Spa recently and had a chat with the owner and beauty therapist, Yemi Ogunjumelo, on 10 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD GET A FACIAL.

My Haircare Routine during the Dry Season

Eyin temi,

It's the harmattan (dry season) here in Nigeria and this weather isn't playing. I think it's drier this season than it was in 2016. I find myself consuming more water and still feeling thirsty. The fog and dust that comes with dry season is also here, super annoying!

Now this is the time our natural hair would suffer from dryness and breakage if we don't take good care of it. I have seen images of huge balls of hair on Twitter and Instagram, that I think I should share with you my haircare routine in this dry season