5 Plus Size Ladies who inspire me to love my body

I love my body. Every scar, bulge and birth mark tell a story. Like the scar that run down my tummy tells the tale of when I had to undergo surgery at age 12. I remember my mum told me if I ever got missing, she would easily identify me with the birth mark on my body (my dad had the same birth mark on his body). People haven't always reacted positively to my size. I understand people mean well when they constantly nag me to lose weight but it gets on my nerves and makes me feel self conscious. They sometimes make me feel like my body or size is something to be ashamed of, something I should hide or apologise for.

5 Quotes and Bible verses that uplift me when I'm feeling down

When I feel sad or blue, I read these quotes or bible verses to uplift my spirit and get encouragement to push on and never give up. 

I hope that they help you too. 

2 of my Favourite Lipstick Shades: Red and Purple

I love lipstick. For me, it is the easiest makeup item to buy and apply. Once I see a shade I like, all I do is rub it on and viola! I know if it suits me or not.

You may think red and purple won't suit you because they are bold colors but I think red and purple work for all skin color (light skinned and dark skinned or in between).

Hello May, April notes and GTB Food and Drink Fair

Eyin temi,

WELCOME TO THE MONTH OF MAY!!! I'm so happy we (you and I) are here to see this month. Hope you had a great worker's day celebration yesterday. As always the first post for the new month is a review of all the things (okay maybe not all) I was up to in the previous month, you can check out JanuaryFebruaryMarch and April.