Hello May, April notes and GTB Food and Drink Fair

Eyin temi,

WELCOME TO THE MONTH OF MAY!!! I'm so happy we (you and I) are here to see this month. Hope you had a great worker's day celebration yesterday. As always the first post for the new month is a review of all the things (okay maybe not all) I was up to in the previous month, you can check out JanuaryFebruaryMarch and April.
Lemme gist you about the Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) Food and Drink Fair real quick. It was for 2 days (30th April and 1st May, 2017) in Lagos, Nigeria. I was in Lagos for the weekend so I attended Day 1 (i.e. 30th April, 2017) of the fair with my sisters and one of their friends. 

So much food in one place. Foodie Heaven!!!😁😁😁. I had so much to eat but not enough to drink (lol). I saw some of my food cravings and I indulged. I indulged guys I won't lie. 

I have been craving Ewa Agoyin (mashed beans and sauce) for weeks. So imagine how happy I was when I found the Agoyin Place at the fair. I got myself a plate of Ewa Agoyin with juicy ponmo for 500naira

I also had delicious doughnuts for 1000naira from Donuts n Crumbs. A box of 4 doughnuts for 1k

I got twirl potato and turkey for 600naira from The Potato Twirl Company. 

I had a bottle of fresh apple and ginger juice (Spicy Apple Juice) for 1500naira from the Lagos Cold Pressed Juice Company. I really liked the juice but I think it's overpriced at 1500naira especially at a food fair.

The DJ at this fair was playing some club bangers. We just had to turn up, lol. People were staring at us like we were high. YES WE WERE high on music and happiness😊😊

The fair had several Masterclasses. I had planned to attend a Masterclass hosted by Chef Brian Marlarkey for 2:30pm but the crowd was crazy with a lot of pushing and pulling. I didn't get in for a Masterclass until 4:00pm
people on a queue to attend a masterclas
The 4:15pm Masterclass was hosted by the beautiful Chef Lerato Umah-Shaylor, a chef based in the UK. She was standing by the stage when I walked in so I asked for a selfie and she was all smiles
Me and the beautiful Chef Lerato

She taught us how to cook Aromatic Stemmed Fish with Skinny Efo, Mango Sauce and for dessert, she made Poached Tangerine in Hibiscus Flower Syrup. If I wasn't at the Masterclass, I would think that what she cooked was something technical or foreign. She re-branded Nigerian food, cooked the meal with ingredients you can find here in Nigeria and introduced us to something new (still with ingredients you will find here). Plus she's so beautiful (with a face like that I will eat anything she cooks and I mean anything), very funny and pleasant.

2 volunteers from the audience to help Chef Lerato with food prep
Sample of the meal. I had a taste even though 3 people had eaten
 out of it before it got to me

I had a taste of the Aromatic Stemmed Fish with Skinny Efo and it was good.

While strolling around, I saw Chef Eros of The Cookie Jar Bakery and took a picture with him (He's a gourmet chef here in Nigeria). 
Me and Chef Tolu Erogbogbo (Chef Eros)
Other pictures from the fair

I love the quotes on the wall in the Green Grill House stall
we just had to take a picture here
R-L: Sola, Bunmi (my elder sisters) and Joy (Sola's friend)

I feel this picture looks cheesy but Sis Sola took it and I love it
The original plan was to attend the fair with my cousin, Ife. He is the amazing photographer who took the beautiful pictures for the Fehintola Ogunye Initiative Health and Career talk for school girls (Check here to read and view the pictures) but plans changed last minute so he attended Day 2 of the fair. You can follow him on Instagram @owlperture. He sent me some of the picture he took from Day 2. See them below.

I don't know if Ife went to have fun and eat like me or went to do site work πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„. Once you're a professional, it's more of a habit than a job. 

I had loads of fun with my sisters at the fair even though the weather was so hot and I was sweating like a Christmas chicken. Thumbs up to GTB for providing free hand fans and cold water to help people stay cool and hydrated.

Family: April also brought a new addition into my family. I'm an aunt for the 8th time (yay!!!). He's so little and when he smiles or cries, he just melts my heart. I call him my 'little precious'. I can imagine my other nephews and nieces becoming jealous (you know Auntie Tola loves you all). Every time I carry a baby, I can't help but think that I was so little and fragile and now I'm big and strong. Thank God for his grace and mercy.
Me, my elder brother and his beautiful family
Work: I still have my day job as an HR professional and nothing 'ghen ghen' happened in April but I am working on some new business ideas. I keep reading about multiple streams of income. Well, I think it pass time to make that happen. I'll let you know when it's concrete enough to share.

Travel: I cancelled a trip with TVP Adventures because I had to travel to Lagos to visit my family the weekend of the trip but you can read about my Tarkwa Bay Daycation with TVP Adventures here.

On reading: OPTION B, a book written by Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg was released in April. The book is on helping people build resilience. I hope to get my hands on a copy. Sheryl Sandberg is the COO of Facebook and I read and loved her first book 'Lean In'.

Personal Growth: Fehintola, be patient! Rome wasn't built in a day. Little efforts overtime make big successes. You will succeed. That has been my constant mantra and it helps calm me.

This year is moving so fast. It's May already. Guys, if you have plans or ideas for this year and you're stalling, please go for it. Quit over analysing it. Just pray to God to seek His counsel and guidance and go for it. Before you say 'Based on Logistics', December 2017 is here and we're reviewing the whole year. I wish you great success. In the great words of Pastor Sam Adeyemi, 'you will succeed!'

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Photo credits: Photos were taken by me and my sister, Sola. Other photos were taken by Ife of Owlperture Media and used with permission.


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