2 of my Favourite Lipstick Shades: Red and Purple

I love lipstick. For me, it is the easiest makeup item to buy and apply. Once I see a shade I like, all I do is rub it on and viola! I know if it suits me or not.

You may think red and purple won't suit you because they are bold colors but I think red and purple work for all skin color (light skinned and dark skinned or in between).

I'm in love with red lipstick. It's my go to color for work, play or party. I'm really not an eye shadow girl, so I find that a red lippie is all the 'drama' my face needs especially for work.

I love this Milani 'Best Red' lipstick. I got it at a makeup fair in Abuja for 1.5k. It's not matte but I don't mind. I like that it's creamy and moisturizing. So my lip doesn't end up dry and chapped.

Kiss me!!!

I love purple lipstick. It's my second favorite shade. I love how colourful my face looks. I think I love color purple because I also love purple eye-shadow when I do wear eye shadow.

This LA Girl Matte Lipstick shade of purple is IT!  It's matte so it usually lasts the whole day without touch up if I don't eat and drink but trust your girl I must eat and drink 😁😁😁. I also got it at a makeup fair here in Ibadan for 1.5k.

So be adventurous, be daring. Try red and purple today, you may find out that you love it just like me. 

Sharing is caring: Do you love red or purple lipstick or both? Share with me and other readers in the comments your favourite lipstick shade and lipstick brand.

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  1. The milani looks good on you....personally red is my everyday colour but am thinking of trying orange ....

    1. I also want to try orange.i saw a shade i might like on an actress in a TV series 2weeks ago. I took a picture.

      Thanks for reading dear. Cheers!