Hello March, February Notes and Tarkwa Bay with TVP

Happy March Eyin Temi,

Welcome to March guys. I’m super excited for this new month. I'm planning a health and career talk for secondary school girls this month, I'll share more details with you soon.

So last month was really chilled. Highlight of February was my trip to Tarkwa Bay with TVP Adventures (TVP Adventures is a travel company that create tours throughout Nigeria, Africa and the world. Check them out on Instagram, Twitter and their blog).

I had a great time on this trip. Our meetup point was Victoria Island and we took a canoe ride to Tarkwa Bay at 11:15am. I wish I can give you exact duration of the ride but I was low key freaking out. My guess is 10-20mins (if you're sure, please leave the ride duration in the comments, thanks)

I’m Nigerian and Yoruba and I have this fear of being carried away by the waves of the ocean. I was scared of getting on the canoe and I cried like a baby at one point. 
this is me freaking out. 
But I always get the confidence to get into the water when I'm on a TVP Adventure. My first time in a swimming pool was on a TVP Adventure to Badagry in December 2016 (I show you pictures from my Badagry trip here). 

I'm smiling here 'cause someone was holding my hand

But I overcame my fear of the water on this trip, thanks to Funmi and Toyeke. 
We played ice breaker games (2 Truths and a Lie, Truth or Dare and Never Have I Ever) and went on a scavenger hunt. My team won the scavenger hunt. Go Team One! Winner ooo, Winner! Our prize was customised TVP T-shirts.

Then we dived into the water and had a great splash. 
everyone on the trip

trying to smile and not freak out

me freaking out again

Our host, TVP Adventures, catered for lunch (small chops and jollof rice. yummy yummy! It was so good, I had woofed it all down before I remembered that you guys may like to see) and drinks. There was music and great company. Always great company! We were back at VI by some minutes past 4pm where we said our goodbyes.

If you're interested in touring Nigeria, Africa or the world beyond, you should go on TVP Adventure. Go for it! I found them on twitter, no referrals, I took a leap of faith and had an amazing time, twice. THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST.

All in all, February was good, I'm still working on staying positive in my thoughts and with my words. Trusting God to keep slaying my anxiety and fear and give me peace. It hasn't been easy guys but I trust God. 

Sharing is caring guys: What was the highlight of February for you? Did you have fun or was it just work work work work? Would you like to go on a TVP Adventure or have you been on a TVP Adventure?

Picture source: Pictures with 'TVP Adventures' written on it are used with permission from TVP Adventures (http://www.thevillagepot.com). Other pictures are mine and were taken with my smartphone.


  1. Haha, what's the story behind that picture of you freaking out?! I haven't been on any TVP trips yet but I know her and a few people who have been on her tours. They all have good praises too.

    Enjoyed the post, hope to visit Tarkwa bay soon (don't know about those boats though)


    1. I was so afraid of the water, each time I fell inside it or a wave came up, I would be so scared and end up screaming.

      It's a beautiful place to hang out. You should go with friends or family. thanks for reading Amara :)