Happy New Year

Mama, we made it!!!

Eyin temi (my people),


Welcome to 2017. 

I'm always super excited for the New Year because it means a fresh start. My slate is wiped clean when the clock goes from 11:59 to 00:00. The clock is starting again symbolising a new start for me. Yay! 

2016 was tough. Nigerians everywhere understand how tough things were with the economic recession. I survived 2016 by God's grace. Prices of food items, household commodities, transportation etc went up. Even prices for appliances went up like a gazillion percent. A washing machine, AC and laptop are still on my wishlist (If God is ministering to you to bless me, hark his voice now and tweet at me). 

Anyway enough financial doom and gloom, some nice things happened to me in 2016, 

I got transferred back to Ibadan as the company I work with is headquartered in Ibadan.

I started making online videos and posting them on YouTube (click here to watch and subscribe) and it's been a fun and challenging experience. I'm constantly thinking of creating content that will add value to you guys and also help me try something new (you can check out my guinea pig session videos)

I  cut my hair. My hair is natural now and I absolutely love it. It's soft and healthier than when it was relaxed. I subscribed to hair blogs and YouTube channels to learn how to care for natural hair and I learnt a lot. I'll be sharing what I learn with you guys from time to time. The only challenge I have with it is styling and I talk about those challenges here 

I visited Agodi Gardens and I was impressed by the transformation (you can watch my vlog of Agodi Garden, Ibadan here). I also made a video of some places to visit in Ibadan city, click here to watch. 

I travelled in 2016. I went to Abuja twice. It was my 3rd and 4th time in the capital. I also went on a trip organised by The Village Pot to Badagry, Lagos in December. I enjoyed the trip and met wonderful people. People I hope I continue to be friends with. Click the video to see photos.

That was a long recap of 2016. 

This new year, I hope to be consistent and committed to see things through especially blogging. I also hope to love people and not be quick to judge. 

I have a lot of plans for 2017 and I hope to share them with you through writing and videos so please subscribe to the blog and YouTube channel. It'll be our way of keeping in touch, you can watch and read what I'm up to and share your thoughts, ideas and advice with me in the comments. I'll read and reply every single one. Let's rub minds together and help each other grow, expand our horizon and feel less alone in this very big world. Remember that sharing is caring. 

I wish you a prosperous 2017 filled with love, peace and joy. May you always be happy this year.

Sharing is caring: Share some of your experiences from 2016 and if any have helped shape your goals for 2017. What are your goals for 2017? Share with me and everyone in the comments.


  1. Beautiful post dear
    Happy New year. 2017 is already a blessed year In Shaa Allah
    Looking forward to seeing more beautiful posts from you

  2. This is a wonderful piece and a great start. I didn't really have goals for 2016, I just wanted to get done with Nysc. But the latter part was great, I started afresh with God and He's been helping me with issues I had at heart. This year, I want more of God, get my masters degree and be better. I'm excited about 2017. I've haven't felt this way for any year

    1. Thanks for the wonderful comment. I'm so glad you're excited about 2017. I wish you the very best of this year. Cheers!