Weekend Food Craving: Pancakes

Eyin temi,

Hope you’re having a good weekend. My Saturday morning was chilled. I have been craving pancakes since December and this last week that craving was strong like really strong so I decided to make it Saturday’s breakfast (but ended making it in the evening because I lazed in bed all morning). I have flour at home. I purchased it on a whim last year. I prefer to make my pancake from scratch rather than buy the pancake mix in the store. Thanks to my sister, pancake was many a Saturday breakfast

Ingredients for my pancakes

  •     Flour. I sieved my flour 3 times. It helps making the pancake fluffier and removes particles and mold (if any)
  •          Eggs. I used 2 eggs for one medium sized tin cup of flour
  •         Sugar. I’m usually very liberal with sugar in pancake. I have a sweet tooth
  •         Milk. I used a whole tin of evaporated milk

You can check here for exact measurement of the ingredients. I just used my instincts and experience from making pancakes as a young girl.

Sieving my flour
I was a bit worried if my flour was still good so I made some calls to my sister who is studying as a Pastry Chef and she told me to take a bit of the sieved flour and add water to it. If the flour stays under water, it’s okay but if the flour floats then it’s bad. I didn’t know this before today, pays to have someone with skills just a phone call away. Thanks sis!

flour, sugar, milk and eggs

Making pancakes brought back childhood memories for me. We usually had it with tea in the morning. It was something I did with my sisters and later I did on my own. Sometimes I would have filled my tummy with it while frying before I serve my siblings. If my elder sister found out, I would get a lesser portion than others. We usually added fresh pepper to our pancakes, one of my elder sisters can’t stand the sweet taste without a bit of spiciness in it.  I remember flipping the pancake like you watch in the movies but I either threw it out of the pan or destroy its round shape so I gave that up.

Pancake served with honey...yummy yummy in my tummy
I shared my pancakes with a friend who has never eaten them before and he loved it! I poured some honey on it and it was delicious.

If you’re looking for simple breakfast, pancake is it. If you want bonding time in the kitchen with your loved ones, pancake is it. If you’re craving something sweet and homemade, pancake is definitely it (drinking garri with cold water and sugar helps my sweet craving bet I wanna be posh so pancake is it, lol)

Sharing is caring guys: What food cravings have you had lately? Did you indulge in it or did you pass it up? Share with me in the comments and if you want me to make a video, let me know in the comments.


  1. Nice.... I make pancakes most Sundays

    1. Weekend breakfast, that's so cool. So I'm not the only one. Thanks for stopping by babe.

  2. Nice.... I make pancakes most Sundays

  3. Pancakes and syrup breakfast treat!

  4. So nice. Learn something new, i didn't know flour can be checked like that. We love pancake and love making it. I usually make it with my Cuties ❤❤️

    1. Hey Kenny, thanks for stopping by. I learnt that's too and did it to test if my flour is still good. Must be fun making pancakes with your girls.