Words of encouragement for the new week

smile. baby!

Eyin temi,
Yo yo yo!...Wadup..! (this is part of Jesse Pinkman’s voicemail message)
I’ve been watching ‘Breaking Bad’ all weekend. Finished Season 1 on Sunday, I can’t tell you what I think of it now because I’m still forming my opinion of the show and I want to do so regardless of it been ‘widely regarded as one of the greatest television series of all time’ - Wikipedia. I don’t think it got that after season one.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Sorry I didn’t post last week. I was sick all through last week; I was in hospital for 2 days and home recuperating the rest of the week. But I’m much better now. Thank God.
I have been struggling with work for months now. I think people are sabotaging my efforts purposely  and that makes me angry or sad and when I’m angry or sad, I cry and when I cry, I became bitter and internalize my pain or I lash out at people. And I think all the pain from struggling (plus malaria and typhoid) made me really sick last week. Plus an elderly friend of mine died the week before last week and his burial was last Friday, so you all can imagine how my whole week went.
But that was last week and staying at home has really helped bring my mind to perspective.
1.   No one is PURPOSELY sabotaging my efforts. People are doing their own thing, working to feed themselves and their families. From now on, I’ll reach out to people whose input are important to my work and find out how to help them help me. Put people first and they would naturally do what you want.
2.   I need to stop crying at work. It’s ridiculous and embarrassing! I don’t even hide the tears anymore. I’ll be talking and crying a river. While I embrace the fact that I’m an emotional person, I think it pointless if my emotions keep ruling me and leading me to tears at any single opposition or disagreement. To this end, I’ve dusted my copy of Joyce Meyer’s ‘Battlefield of the Mind’ to read this week. I dug it out of piles and piles of clothes over the weekend while cleaning my room. After I’m done with ‘Battlefield of the Mind’, I’m going to read ‘Managing your emotions’ also by Joyce Meyer.
3.   I want to be remembered as someone who made people laugh a lot and did good not the ‘petty fat single gal who cried a lot’
new week, new read...with love😊

I’m determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition
-          Martha Washington
Welcome to a new week guys.
Sharing is caring: what are your plans for the new week? Do you have any new week resolutions? Share with me in the comment section. Also you can share any quote or bible verses that keep you going/positive when you’re struggling with work or life or both.
p.s February is in 2 days…the highly anticipated month of love is almost here. And I’m still single. My God!

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