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This video is my first collaboration and it's with KENNY OLAPADE from Kenny is a beauty, lifestyle and mommy blogger. 

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The hair tag has 20 questions:

1. Why did you start your hair journey?
2. How long have you been on your journey?
3. Are you natural, relaxed or transitioning?
4. What is your length right now?
5. What is your goal length?
6. What is your hair texture?
7. Health or length?
8. If you could only live with one hair product, what would it be?
9. What's the worst product you've ever used?
10. What is your 'go to' hair style?
11. Are you a product junkie?
12. How often do you trim your hair?
13. How often do you use heat?
14. Do you take hair supplements?
15. Favorite oil?
16. Who is your hair crush?
17. How long does it take you on a wash day?
18. Worst thing that happen to your hair?
19. Do you dye your hair? If so what colour?
20. Who do you tag?

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Sharing is caring: If you're a blogger or YouTuber, I tag you to do the tag. This video was fun to shoot. 

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  1. Before she answered the question, "are you a product junkie", I knew the answer. But healthy product junkie.