Daycation at Olumo Rock, Abeokuta

Eyin temi,

Welcome to August everyone. I visited Olumo Rock, Abeokuta in Ogun State last month. I was motivated by Amarachi Ekekwe article '5 Tips to Overcome your fear travelling solo' to make the trip solo and it was amazing, AMAZING!!!!

I made a vlog of the whole trip, you can watch it on my YouTube channel Fehintola Ogunye or here

I travelled to Abeokuta from Ibadan. It's a 1hr 30mins trip or thereabout. I didn't know where Olumo Rock was located before I travelled so I told the driver at the motor park where I was heading and he was kind to give proper directions. Yoruba people say 'a person who ask for direction doesn't get lost'. Olumo Rock is located at Ikija. I took a 100naira bike from the bus-stop where I alighted. 

When I got to Olumo Rock Tourist Complex, I paid 700naira as entrance fee and 1000naira for my camera. I met Mr Jide, my tour guide at the entrance. He took me round the whole place, told me stories of Olumo Rock, took my pictures and also helped me do some filming. He's a very nice man and I'm truly grateful for his help. I paid Mr Jide for his services. I advise you negotiate with your tour guide before the tour starts; agree on a price tag for his service.

You should watch the video. I show you everything I experienced on the trip. It is an interesting video but it is mostly in Yoruba (I'm sorry, just imagine you're watching an old Japanese, Chinese or Indian movie with no subtitles 😁). 
My very fat, beautiful and round bottocks is on display, just saying. I didn't know how fat, beautiful and round my bottocks was until I was editing the footage of me crawling on all 4s up the rock 😀

Here are some pictures

The wind blowing on the rock was correct 😀 I had to form meditation. I also love how blue the sky and clean the air was on the highest level of the rock. I felt like I was very close to God up there.

I took this picture of the city of Abeokuta on Olumo Rock. Please what can you see? BROWN ROOFS.
I don't want to hear Ibadan is city of brown roofs again. Brown roofs full everywhere, lol.
Looking for travel inspiration? You should totally check out Amarachi Ekekwe's blog - Travel with a Pen where she shares her personal travel experience, expenses, travel tips and stories. She is an amazing travel blogger and writer. She is also on twitter as @amaraekekwe_.

Eyin temi, to watch the video of my Daycation at Olumo Rock, Abeokuta, just click this link You will enjoy the sights and everything. Remember to like, share and comment. In the words of the beautiful Sisi Yemmie, 'your comments are like delicious grains of jollof rice to me, please feed me'

Have you ever been to Olumo Rock? What tourist attractions would you like to visit in Nigeria? Share with me and other readers in the comments.

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  1. Great Post. I've been wanting to Visit Olumo rock for a while now but my pocket won't let me be great. But I'm inspired to make the trip soonest.

    1. Hey Teekay, I really hope you do go, you're going to love it. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Wow, Fehintola, where to begin? First, the post - loved every detail and I think the pictures are wonderful. You and Mr. Jide did a really good job :). I also watched the vlog. LOL at admiring your buttocks! You go girl! When you asked if there's was a lift, I literally laughed out loud! Could feel your pain.

    So so proud of you. You actually did this solo! Well done! I'm so happy you had a good time and thank you so much for the mention! It lifted my spirits today! Looking to more adventures, maybe we might even go for one together!

    1. Yay!!! I would love to go on an adventure with you. And thank you for the wonderful comment and your kind words. You're awesome!

  3. Good to know more Nigerians are embracing the travel culture. Olumo rock is one of my favorites. I was there in February and I loved it once again.

  4. Cant wait to go here, I have had to reschedule it severally already but hopefully this time I will make the trip. Looks like you had a lot of

  5. Hi there,
    Nice to find like minded people meaning travelers.
    Great post and inspiring too.
    I found it great that you gave a shout out to Amarachi Ekekwe's blog... I love her blog and this is where I copiedd the link of your blog.
    You guys are inspiring me... I am a terrible blogger or not one at all... I travel a lot, but never get around to write anything... lol

    You were brave to take your 1st solo trip... well done; mine is coming up next year around mMarch 2018 visiting 6 countries in West Africa including Nigeria/Lagos... maybe we should organise a meet up with Amarachi :)

    Take care

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Hey Jase, thanks for dropping a comment. I hope to meet you when you visit Lagos,Nigeria. I hope you take pictures when you travel, you know what they say about a picture been more than a thousand words 😊. Let's connect via Twitter or Instagram. I'm @fehintolaogunye. Cheers! And I'll send a screenshot of your comment to Amarachi, I follow her on twitter and instagram.

    2. Hi again Jase and Fehintola,

      I would certainly be looking forward to a meet up/trip in 2018 with you both. And I hope you have a great time traveling West Africa, Jase. PS: sent you an email.. not sure you still use the address but I got it off your blog..

  6. About to watch the video! This looks like an amazing day-cation, sis!! You looked like you were living your best life AND you have tons of photos to prove it. Thanks for sharing your fun trip, here’s to many more!