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How's August going for you guys? Hope you're having fun and it isn't too cold.

So I found this amazing tag on Anna's blog A Sparkle of Grace called 'The Natural Beauty Tag' and I love it. Anna and Kate (Beauty from Kate) created the tag and with Anna's blessings, I'm answering the questions on my blog.
Let's go!

1. What do you love most about your skin?

I love how soft it feels. It feels soft like a baby's skin. It's soft but also very firm. For my size and shape, my skin isn't sagging or stretched out. 

2. What is your biggest skin concern?

Having a skin irritation that won't easily go away or will mark my skin. Like a bad rash. My scars don't fade away so that will be really bad. I have food allergies and sometimes I get rash but they go away after some hours. 
I'm also concerned about stretch marks. I have a few faint lines and I don't mind them but I'll be so unhappy if they become very wide and big and green. 

3. Do you tend to use skincare/haircare products from one brand or do you switch them up?

I tend to use one brand and also switch them up.
Sometimes you read on the label 'for best results, try our ..... range of products' or 'for best results, use after so and so product' so I sometimes buy more than one product from a brand to get the best results for my skin and hair. Lemme explain: I use the different products from the same brand or range of products e.g. my cleanser, night face cream and face mask are the same brand but then I also have products from other brands that I use too e.g. my scrub and soap.
For my hair, I buy all the basic products from the same brand even though I'm using more than one brand right now. So I have shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and deep conditioner from the same brand for different brands.

4. How does your skincare routine change throughout the seasons?

It doesn't change much. In Nigeria, we have 2 seasons, rainy and dry season. And to me, it sometimes feels the same.
I moisturize more during the dry season especially my feet, elbows and knees or they end up looking white and scaly. My face is oily so I'm not really worried about it drying out during dry season. I just scrub and cleanse it often to unclog my pores and refresh my face.

5. At what age did you start or will you start using anti-aging products?

I currently don't use anything anti-aging. So maybe when I turn 35, I'll start. That's still some years away. And I may never use them. 

6. What do you do to rescue your skin when it feels tired and gross?

I scrub and do a mud mask or go to a spa for facials. My face is usually the culprit of 'tired and gross' so I use an exfoliating scrub to lift all the dirt and dullness away then I follow up with a mask to brighten my face. I usually see the difference afterwards 

7. What are your go-to skincare products?

For my face: I use the St. Ives Apricot Scrub to exfoliate my skin. I also make use of Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel with active charcoal Facial Mask, Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Cleansing and Toning Lotion and Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel.
For my body: I use Nivea Firming Body Oil or my DIY Whipped Shea Butter or coconut oil. I use these 3 because of my stretch marks. I concentrate more on the areas where they are visible.
I use Dove bar soap or shower gel to bath. 

African Black Soap from Sage and Skin Spa
Last year, I started using African Black soap to bath and it's wonderful. I buy my black soap from Sage and Skin Spa. Yemi puts into consideration what my skin needs when mixing the black soap for me. It is made with natural ingredients and essential oils. My skin loves it especially my oily face as it exfoliates my face removing dirt and oil.

8. Do you think that organic or all natural ingredients truly make a difference in skincare or haircare?

Yes I do. This year I've incorporated a lot of natural ingredients into my skincare regime. I use black soap to bath and DIY whipped shea butter for my skin and hair. My skin is healthy and softer plus it glows. 
For my hair, once a month I use ingredients I'll easily find in my kitchen to deep condition my hair e.g. eggs, honey, avocado, aloe vera (it grows at my backyard)

9. What type of hair do you have?
I'm currently rocking my natural hair. I have type 4 hair. I think it's 4a or b. When I wash it, it shrinks, the shrinkage is unbelievable. I have fine hair with thin edges. I sometimes wish I had thick hair with full edges but I like my fine hair just the way it is and working really hard to grow my edges out. 

10. Do you like to wear your hair naturally or do you style it? 

I do both. I wear my natural hair out so it can breath plus I have easy access to care for it. I can easily massage my scalp, cleanse and condition my hair and oil it too. But I also put my hair in a protective styles, I fix weave-on, braid with hair extensions or wear a wig or do low manipulation styles like corn rows and twists or twist outs. They make my hair look beautiful and also protect my hair from the weather and ensure that my strands can rest from manipulation.

11. How do you keep your hair healthy?

I wrote a whole blog post on this. Please click here to check it out.

12. Do you think there's a misconception of beauty bloggers been dependent on makeup?

Yes I think so. I think beauty bloggers use make up to enhance their beauty but they also care about their skin and how it really looks so they promote good skin care to their followers (at least the bloggers I read).
I think that people should do what makes them feel and look beautiful and not worry about what people say so far as it isn't harmful to you and your body. 
In my experience, I love how I look with makeup and also without makeup and I'm happy and confident in my skin and with my body.
So my advice is take good care of your skin and if you love makeup, then use it and enjoy it and if you don't love makeup, then don't use it or feel weird that you don't love makeup. 

With makeup

Without makeup
Just Do you boo!

Hope you enjoyed reading. This tag was fun to answer. I tag Kenny Olapade and any other blogger who would like to do the tag on their blog.

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Sharing is caring guys: How do you take care of your skin and hair? Do you have or know any 'holy grail' products you think I or other readers should try out? Share in the comments. 

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    Carla x

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