My Dream Valentine's Day Date

Fehintola is definitely B tonight. 

Eyin temi (my people), 

Happy Valentine's Day!!! The highly anticipated day in the month of February is finally here. Today, my friend Leondra writes about her dream Valentine's Day date. I hope you enjoy it.

If you know me well,  you'll know that I'm not some goggly eyed teen with illusions about romance and love.  I have those mushy sturvs... yuck! 

However, I have broken one of my most sacred cardinal rules- I fell in love. Deeply! Terribly! It's ridiculous. The amazing thing about it though is that the feeling is mutual.  

So, this year,  I'm actually looking forward to Valentine's Day. Yes, I know,  I used to be one of those who thought Valentine's Day was unnecessary and useless (maybe because I haven't exactly enjoyed it), so sue me. 

So here I am,  at work, sitting on my desk,  staring at a bunch of sheets waiting to be marked and scored, and I'm day dreaming. Did I mention that I have a crazily wild imagination? Yes? Okay,  Good. In all my day dreaming about Valentine's Day... And night, one object is always constant.  A bathtub... Yes a bathtub. I know I sound crazy but hear me out. 

This year's Valentine's Day is on a Tuesday, so with work and the stress,  I'd rather go home and relax, hence the bathtub... And CHOCOLATE CAKE...Ice cream... Baby oil... Scented candles... And red wine (or white, I'm not picky).  Oh yes!  And the man of the hour,  of course.  How could I forget? 

Do I need to describe how all these items will be used? No? Didn't think so.  Think about it... And decide the order they'll come in.

Sharing is caring guys: Let me know how you're spending your Valentine's Day.  I'd really love to know.  Maybe I'll even steal your idea.  

Post update at 8:50pm
When your dreams come through, Leo got her chocolate cake.
And the Grey isn't related to Christian Grey 😂😂😂

Leondra is an avid reader. When she isn't daydreaming, she's teaching her lovely class or writing from her wild imagination. 


  1. My chocolate cake just arrived... So I'm waiting for d bathtub now

    1. Leo Leo!!! When God makes your dream a reality, the cake is lovely. I think I'm going to add it to the post.