Words of encouragement for the new week

Eyin temi,

Welcome to the new week. Today's post is a series of pictures I found on twitter. I have found out we (in our 20s) place a lot of pressure on ourselves to to be rich and successful in our 20s that we sometimes forget that we can be rich and successful at ANY AGE.

Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour, used 30 years of his life to prepare for a 3 years ministry. Imagine the Saviour of the whole world being a carpenter. He is the greatest success story there is.

When I was 13, I dreamed of being a professor at 36. For me, that was the height of success, PROF FEHINTOLA OGUNYE. Now in my late 20s, my dream has changed and I'm pursuing my new dream with energy, enthusiasm and positivity.  I've had major set backs that have made me doubt if I'll succeed since I'll say goodbye to my 20s and embrace my 30s very soon but I keep reminding myself that I still have many more years ahead of me to achieve greatness, become rich and successful. 

Sharing is caring guys: What are your thoughts on being successful at any age? Do you/Did you feel pressure in your 20s to be successful and rich? Do you think it either now or never? Share your thoughts in the comments.You can also share quotes and bible verses that keep you positive. 

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